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After years of experience in both small and large businesses working across diverse functions from product launches to workforce management, customer care operations to business intelligence, Cayley understands the many complexities that exist in business today and works with leaders to translate a strategy into a plan that gets results.

With her positivity and passionate pursuit of excellence, she rallies people behind goals that will not only bring their organization success but ensure everyone feels the pride and inspiration of working with a winning team.

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to Composing Excellence for your business

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Think of an orchestra. How beautiful is the sound they make?

Now think of everything it takes to produce that sound. It starts, with a composer. They must define their vision - what do they wish to hear when it’s all finished? How long will it be? What will it convey? What are all the instruments, how will they sound together? What combinations will create the right mood?

Then there is the whole process of writing the music. Think of all those individual notes, combined into bars, dozens of instruments, sometimes over 100 musicians. These musicians practice for years. Learn their instrument, perhaps experiment with a few different ones, learn to read the music, learn the piece.

But wait…you’re forgetting something! Where did their instrument come from? Handmade by someone who has likely spent their life learning the craft…not to mention where the materials came from - the wood for the woods, the brass for the brass…skins for the drums…

Then you have the conductor. Once all the musicians have learned the music, this person must bring it all together, keep it in time, the delicate balance of understanding the musicians as individuals while ensuring their work comes together as a group.

Once this is perfected, where will the orchestra play? Who will sell the tickets? Usher the people to their seats so this labour of love can be enjoyed?

This is one of the most complex and beautiful systems that exists. But when you think of it, the roles are so clear! Everyone understands their part. Everyone executes to perfection. Skills, practice and passion come together to create a beautiful arrangement.

This is a system. So is an organization. Roles, responsibilities, training, vision, skills, passion, practice, planning, leadership, communication, coordination, collaboration, execution. Those are all the same things described in the orchestra. Often, we don’t think of organizations in this same way. Why not?

At Composing Excellence our goal is to help bring together all the layers relevant for you in a simple, graceful way.

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